How To Get to Vieques

There are basically four ways to get to Vieques once you land at San Juan Int. airport. They are listed below in order from most expensive to least expensive.

  1. From San Juan Int. airport you can fly Vieques Air Link, Cape Air, and several other small airlines directly to Vieques. Average cost is about $200 round trip.
  2. From San Juan Int airport you can take a taxi to Isla Grande airport (near Old San Juan). The taxi ride will cost you about $20 and will take about 20 min. From there you can fly direct to Vieques for about $100 round trip. (This is a good option if you are planning on spending any time in San Juan)
  3. From San Juan Int. airport you can take a taxi (I have the names and numbers of drivers who specialize in taking people from the airport to Fajardo) to the ferry dock in Fajardo. This will cost about $80 and take about 1 1/2 hours. Then take the ferry to Vieques. The ferry cost $2 per person. Be warned, it is not always on schedule and sometimes is full.
  4. From San Juan Int. airport you can take the same taxi as mentioned in #3 to the Ceiba airport which is near Fajardo. It will cost and take the same amount of time. Then you can fly from Ceiba to Vieques for about $30 one way per person. (This is a good option if the ferry is having problems and you are already in Fajardo, of if you plan to visit the rain forest.)

Vieques beach

Vieques beach

overlooking Esperanza

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